Basic Baby Wish List

The number of baby products out on the market today is phenomenal. There seems to be a gadget or gizmo for absolutely everything. It can make any expecting mom or dad’s head spin!

In an attempt to remain focused and stay on track of our $1000 Baby Budget for the first year. We need a plan! Otherwise, I know I will buy too many “good deals” and forget about other necessities. There definitely is not room for too many mistakes or over purchases with our baby budget.

Organization and planning is key to meet any goal.

Our Plan of Attack

For the moment, I will only be focusing on our baby’s first 6 months. We will be living in our England home his first 3-4 months and then out of suitcases (most likely) while he is 4-6 months old. (I know, sounds fun… right? LOL).

So our plan is to have very few baby items shipped by the movers, because it will be in a box for 3 months. Babies rapidly grow out of things and develop new skills. So chances are majority of things will be useless for our baby when we open the boxes 3 months later.

Once we are settled into our new home this summer. We will then purchase baby items to “settle in” and not just survive. This is when we will focus on planning for when our baby boy is 6-12 months old.

Basic Baby Wish List

In order to stay organized and on track with baby purchases. I have put together a “Basic Baby Wish List.” There are notations to whether it was purchased new (N) or used (U) by us, if it was a gift (G), or if it was won (W) in a giveaway/competition.

Sleeping                                              Feeding

Bassinet/Pack n’ Play G                                  Breast Pump & Accessories N
Swaddlers (2-3)  U(1) G(2)                               Nursing Pillow W
 Swaddle/Receiving Blankets (4-6) G                  Burp Cloths (10-12) G (3)
Cuddly Warm Blanket G                                    Bottles (6-8) W(4)
Sleeping Gowns (2-4) 0-3 & 3-6 months           Storage Bags (~50) N
 Sleep Sack (2) WU                                               √ Pacifiers (2-4) G(2)
–                                                                                Teething Toy (1-2) N
–                                                                                Bibs (4-6) G U
–                                                                                  Nursing Cover G

Changing                                             Bathing

Newborn Diapers (~200) N (144)                       Bath Chair U
Size 1 Diapers (~250) N (132)                             Shampoo/Bodywash  G
Size 2 Diapers (~500)  N(246)                             Lotion/Oil  G
Wipes (2000+)N (624)                                           Hooded Towels (2-3) G
 Diaper Bag  G                                                      Washcloths (4-6) N
√ Diaper Rash Ointment N
 Changing Pad N

Gear                                                    Healthcare

 UK Car Seat U                                                       √ Thermometer G
 US Car Seat  N                                                       Basic Medicines
 Baby Carrier  W                                                    √ Nail Clippers G
 Bouncer U                                                            √ Nasal Aspirator G

Clothes                                                          Toys

Sleepers (4-6) 0-3 & 3-6 & 6-9 months G                   Soft (2-3)
Onesies (4-6) 0-3 & 3-6 & 6-9 months GU            Noise/Music (3-4) (1)
Pants (2-3) 0-3 & 3-6 & 6-9 months U                         Books (3-4) G(2)
√ Sweater/PramSuit (1-2) 0-3 & 3-6 months
Hats (2-3)GU
Scratch Mittens (2-3) G
Socks (6-10)GU


What Would You Add to the Basic Baby Wish List?
Do You Think I should get More/Less of an Item?
What was your One “Must Have” Newborn Item?


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