The Million Dollar Challenge RESULTS

These challengers who took on this Million Dollar Challenge have AMAZED and INSPIRED us all throughout the year. There were 50 challengers who began this challenge but only about 20 who consistently participated in the challenge. You will be SHOCKED what this small group of determined individuals accomplished in only 12 months!

The Challengers

The majority of challengers are married and in their 20’s and 30’s. Most challengers started their financial journey within the past year and have a household income below $50,000 and a net worth below $50,000. If you are interested in learning more about the challengers, please check out “Meet the Challengers.”

November & December Update

Debt Paid Off

November: The challengers paid off…$18,590.87!!! WOW! Well done!!!

December: The challengers paid off…$15,003.18!!! We have some AMAZING debt slayers in this group… many of you are knocking on debt freedom’s door! 🙂

We have paid off an UNBELIEVABLE amount of debt!

Total Debt Paid in 2016: $386,247.01

Think about that for a minute. We have eliminated 386 THOUSAND DOLLARS in debt. Never EVER to be in our life again. CONGRATS!

Also, a HUGE Congratulations to the handful of people who became DEBT FREE during this challenge. I believe there were FIVE of us who became Debt Free in 2016!!! YAY!!! 🙂



November: The challengers saved… $39,790.29!!! That is an average of $2849 per person. WOW!!!

December: The challengers saved… $45,018.41!!! What??? With the Holidays??? IMPRESSIVE! You all are ROCK STARS!

Total Savings in 2016: $390,858.29

AMAZING, we saved just shy of 400 THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! I am floored! We are changing our family trees! Keep up your amazing savings! I can not wait to hear about all your financial achievements in the future.





November: The challengers invested… $30,924.56! WOW!!! CONGRATS!

December: The challengers invested… $34,958.35! What an INCREDIBLE investing month!

Total Investments in 2016: $304,202.85

IMPRESSIVE! I hear early retirement calling A LOT of you challengers!!! CONGRATS!



Total Progress for November: $85,718.03!!!

Total Progress for October: $98,567.63!!!




Total Progress in 2016… Drum Roll Please…


A small group of us have changed our finances by more than ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Can you believe it? I’m in shock. Congratulations to all of you! You have remained focused and have worked so hard. I am HONORED to be part of these AMAZING challengers! THANK YOU for motivating and inspiring us all this year!



$100 Amazon Gift Card WINNER

We have a WINNER to announce too… The winner of the $100 Amazon Gift Card is Jen RN. CONGRATS!!! You have been emailed, please respond to the email to claim your prize! 🙂


4 thoughts to “The Million Dollar Challenge RESULTS”

  1. That is so impressive! Just think about the impact that has on the economy and will have on charity. Think of the impact it has on large monster banks and credit card companies! Think of the impact it will have on their kids and THEIR kids. This makes me so hopeful. I found your blog a year ago in February and, although I didn’t actually sign up for the challenge, we have paid off $27,000 so far. Less than a year to go. It works and life is good!

  2. This is incredible and I am so proud to be part of this group who have worked incredibly hard to make 2016 a success for their financial health.
    Congrats to Jen on your Amazon Gift card win and a huge thank you Nichole for encouraging, motivating and leading this challenge – it really shows the value of accountability, focus and prioritisation on achieving financial goals. Bring on 2017!!

  3. YEAH we accomplished over a million dollars!!!

    Thank you again Nicole for organizing the challenge two years in a row. It has made a huge impact on my life and I’m guessing on the lives of all of the challengers.

    Congrats to Jen on winning the Amazon GC – the cherry on top!

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