The Million Dollar Challenge – August 2016

These AMAZING challengers leave me inspired EVERY month. Truly incredible… unbelievable financial progress! CONGRATS!!!

Can you believe we are three quarters done with this million dollar challenge? This year has flown by but I’m so thrilled we are making this year our year to dramatically change our finances. As well as inspire others along our journey!



If you would like to join the sixty courageous challengers who have taken on this challenge. Please Join HERE!

The Challengers

The majority of challengers are married and in their 20’s and 30’s. Most challengers started their financial journey within the past year and have a household income below $50,000 and a net worth below $50,000. If you are interested in learning more about the challengers, please check out “Meet the Challengers.”

August’s Getting to Know the Challengers Question:

Will you meet your personal goal regarding your financial progress by the end of the challenge?



August Update

Debt Paid Off

There were 20 challengers who reported financial progress this month, 16 of those who paid off debt. Those 16 people, paid off…$23,222.83!!! Well done all you debt slayers! That is an average of $1450/person!

We have paid off an UNBELIEVABLE amount of debt! Do you think we will we pay off half of a MILLION dollars by the end of the year?

Total Debt Paid in 2016: $311,033.41

WOW!!! 🙂




There were 16 challengers who reported saving towards an emergency fund, vacation fund, or some other large purchase. Those 16 people, saved… $39,399.58!!! That is an average of $2462 per person. Super Savers!!!

Total Savings in 2016: $258,414.83



There were 15 challengers who reported investing towards retirement, children’s college education, or other investment accounts. Those 15 people, invested… $39,502.78! 

Total Investments in 2016: $190,365.97


Total Progress for August: $102,125.19!!!

CONGRATS on an incredible August!!!



Total Progress in 2016: $759,794.22!!!

A small group of us who are determined to change our finances have done just that in epic proportion… THREE QUARTERS OF A MILLION DOLLARS! INCREDIBLE! We are on track to hit our $1,000,000 goal. We need to finish strong! Best of luck!

Congrats to all of you for your continued hard work and determination. You all inspire me to push harder and achieve more. THANK YOU!!!

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2016 Million Dollar Challenge

The $1,000,000 Challenge of 2016

Are you inspired by the INCREDIBLE progress of these challengers? Are you ready to be the one who improves your finances by $10,000, $20,000 or do I dare say $50,000???

Are you ready to dramatically change your finances? If you are ready to join the challenge that will push you to PAY OFF MORE DEBT, SAVE MORE, and INVEST MORE than you EVER thought possible. I encourage you to make 2016 YOUR YEAR and Join The $1,000,000 Challenge TODAY! Plus this year, there is a $100 Amazon Gift Card up for grabs!

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3 thoughts to “The Million Dollar Challenge – August 2016”

  1. Reading these every month is really so inspiring to me. I’m always below average in how much I can pay (but I’m also a individual, so I excuse it), but it definitely gives me motivation to keep doing better.

  2. Hi Nichole, I am writing to share that I have just made the final payment on my credit card – after emergency boiler and oven replacements in December, meant I relied on it heavily this year and it’s been a slow and painful process to make payments each month – but thanks to you and your blog, I have found my focus on debt repayment. It feels so good to not have credit card debt…it’s given me a tiny taste of what paying off a bigger debt like my mortgage will be like 🙂

  3. The millions dollar challenge sounds awesome! What a great way to motivate many to get rid of debt!!!

    I’m just trying to get to know other military bloggers. I recently with to FINCON and met several bloggers there. Keep up the journey!


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