Baby and Maternity Products Won

In the $1000 Baby Budget post, I discussed many techniques we are using to limit our expenses for baby purchases. One of these techniques is to win items via giveaways and competitions on various blogs, websites, and at community events.

On majority of days, I enter between 10 and 20 baby-related or gift card giveaways. So far, I have been quite lucky and have won a few items that will help tremendously in stretching our baby budget. If you are interested in what giveaways I enter, I typically tweet about the giveaway. Follow me on Twitter!

My favorite win so far… the $150 Amazon Gift Card!!! That was a HUGE win and will easily buy many baby items or cover something “big” like our little guy’s car seat!

My second favorite and probably not one I would have splurged on (because I did not know better) was the Theraline Maternity Pillow. Seriously a GAME CHANGER when it comes to sleeping while pregnant. It just may become my “go to” pregnancy gift to my expecting friends/family members.

As you can probably guess, most of the giveaways I win are in the United Kingdom and therefore are British products. If the same product is not available in the United States, I will provide a link to a very similar item. This way, if you are interested in the product you have a link to provide further information.

***This “Baby Products Won” page will be updated monthly and can be found in the menu under the tab “Baby Budget.”

Baby and Maternity Products Won

Gift Cards

$150 Amazon Gift Card


Theraline Maternity/Nursing Pillow ($69.99 value)

Emma-Jane Maternity/Nursing Bra (£13.45 (~$20) value)

UK link

Hot Milk Nursing Bra & Bravado Nursing Tank (~$80 value)

Baby Gear

BabyBjorn carrier

Baby Bjorn WE Carrier (~$96 value)


MAM Infant Essentials Baby Bottle Feeding Gift Set ($79.98 value)

actual prize: (UK) MAM Breast Feeding & Sterliser Set (£45.99 (~$70) value)

By Carla Mum and Baby Support Pack  (£31.29 (~$47) value)

By Carla Mum and Baby Support Pack (UK site)

360 Trainer Cup ($9.10 value)

Waterproof Long Sleeve Bib ($11.66 value)

actual prize: By Carla Long Sleeve Bib & Splash Mat (UK site) (£9.99 (~$15) value)


Pampers Sensitive Wipes – 56 count wipes. (approx. value: $1.50) Won through the Pampers UK Twitter page.


Sleeping Bag- 1.0 tog for 0-6 months ($29.99 value)

actual prize By Carla Sleeping Bag (UK site) (£18.84 (~$28) value)

Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets – Princess Posie (~$45 value)

*This post contains affiliate links. This means Budget Loving Military Wife does receive a small commission when purchases are made using these links. Please read Disclosure Policy for details.


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  1. Congrats on your wins! What are your tips for finding contests? I’m not in the market for baby items, but I love your idea of using contest as a money saving strategy.

    1. Thank you Libby. I have found a few Competition Bloggers who have link-ups of lots of different competitions. Also, you can simply do a google search if you are wanting to win something specific… such as “Amazon Gift Card Giveaway” and then change your search tools to only include links from your country and within the past week. Searching on Twitter for giveaways/competitions is also super easy. 🙂

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