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I have been a slacker and have not posted my favorite reads the past couple of weeks! I apologize and promise you, I have been reading a bunch of great articles! Here are just a few of my favorites over the past couple of weeks. Be sure to join me through social media    twitterbutton  pinterest button facebook  where I am a lot better about sharing great reads as soon as I come across them! 🙂


Erin over at Young Adult Money wrote How to Get Your Spouse Interested in Your Financial Situation

– I know many spouses struggle to get their reluctant spouse on board with their finances. This article has great tips! A must read if you and your spouse are struggling with finances or just starting your financial journey.

Mel over at Broke Girl Rich wrote “You Can Do More Than You Think You Can”

– Mel wrote a great and very motivating post! She reminded me that I often talk myself out of my “best” because of self doubt. Thanks Mel for the motivation to push myself out of my comfort zone and reach for my absolute best. 🙂 ***If you are a personal finance blogger be sure to join her Financial Savvy Saturdays Link Party!

John over at Frugal Rules wrote “What a Target Cashier Taught Me About Life”

– I have always wondered the financial situations of the elderly (definitely past retirement age), who work customer service jobs. Well, John was politely nosy enough to find out a Target cashier’s situation. Check out what he learned! 🙂

Melanie over at Dear Debt wrote “How Do You Pay Off Debt On Such A Low Salary?”

– Melanie wrote a great post that will inspire you all who are on a journey of paying off your debt, especially if you have a low salary. She writes a very transparent post regarding her income and expenses and how she is paying off her debt.

Aprille over at Beauty in His Time wrote “Ezra’s Story: Not quite “typical”…not quite “special” {for the mom of the undiagnosed child}”

This post tugged at my pediatric occupational therapist heart strings. I worked with so many families in situations similar to Aprille’s. Thank you for advocating for your child and raising awareness! 🙂 Aprille shared her and her son’s (Ezra) story about the journey and struggles of having a child with special needs who doesn’t have a diagnosis and is not getting the services they need.

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What was your favorite read or write this week? I would LOVE to read it! 🙂

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